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  • Geoenix® offers a fully automatic soap stamping machine designed to stamp banded soap bars and specialty shaped soap bars.
  • Our Stamping Machines are mechanically operated and a specially designed solution for small-medium production requirements.
  • The machine consists of one lower fixed half-die over which a soap bar is deposit while the other half-die comes down to press soap bars.
  • Soap over-flashings fall onto the recycle conveyor in a very compact form, avoiding the typical problems of soap recycle.
  • The half-die raises leaving stamped bars in the bottom half-die from where they are removed by a set of vacuum cups.
  • We offer stamping machine in various cavities like Single Cavity, Two Cavity, Four Cavity, Six Cavity and Eight Cavity.


Operation  Cam Based System
System Electro-Pneumatic System
Contact Parts Stainless Steel 304
Operating System Micro- Controller Based/ PLC Based (Optional)
Motor ABB/Siemens/Hindustan/ Equivalent

* Glycol Brine Chiller is mandatory for Automatic Stamping Machine

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