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Factory Automation

The opportunities are endless for those willing to adapt. Are you one of those companies?

The world is changing fast—and organizations across the globe must adopt quickly to these changes in order to sustain and realise their full potential. Today’s marketplace is filled with Risks – Technological Risk, Regulatory & Compliance Risk, Market Condition Risk, Supply Chain Risk, Political Stability Risk, etc. To remain competitive & pertinent in today’s time, Organisations fully need to engage with their consumers, keep track of their shifting preferences and proactively predict future demand and take regular actions for the same. We help manufacturing companies across the globe take control of their risks and help them convert into opportunities and enable them to create better customer experiences that also deliver better results.

Geoenix® provides Factory Automation Service to our valued customers. Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience to provide you optimum solutions. We understand that our customers need solutions that add value to the existing automation products. This value may include increased productivity, reduced energy consumption or enablement of increased business due to enhanced quality.

With Geoenix® , You and your organisation can easily infuse in this manufacturing revolution to increase productivity, shift economics, faster industrial growth, and modify the profile of the workforce—ultimately changing the competitiveness of organisation.

Our Solution Workflow

Requirement Gathering

We work with the customer to gather their complete list of requirements in terms of not only machines but also in terms of production goals.

On-site Diagnosis

Post compiling the requirement, we do a thorough On-site diagnosis to determine the strengths and weakness for further course of action.

Action Plan

The articulated steps will help customer take the bold decisions and convert risks into fruitful opportunities.

Survey & Validations

During every step of the automation, we do proper surveys and validate with the stakeholders as well as end users to ensure the product sanctity is not affected.

Robust Production

Based on the assessed strengths and weaknesses, we align on technicalities & principles and have a robust production to match the business priorities.

Technology Tranfer

We help with continuous modernization of your technological capabilities which provides increased analytics to be a game-changer.

Kpi Monitoring & Continuos Improvement

A steady flow of various data of your Key Performance Indicators that supports continuous improvement and inspires you to focus on building deeper customer relationships.

Our Solution Workflow