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Liquid Soap & Detergent Plant

Over the course of last decade, the usage of various liquid soaps and detergent has increased exponentially. All the major soap bar producers across the world have started producing various types of liquid soaps and detergent to cater to the market requirements.

Geoenix® liquid soap and detergent plant are very easy to operate and very much cost-effective.

The major advantage with Geoenix® is that we supply complete Liquid Soap & Detergent plant on a Turnkey basis including the complete packaging line (Filling, Capping, Labelling). This ensures a single vendor approach which is responsible for the supply and start up of the entire plant. The entire plant supplied is batch type as it allows to easily change the formulation of the product, assuring maximum flexibility and maintaining an extremely simple operation.

We offer Liquid Soap & Detergent Plants of various capacity ranging from 100 Litres to 5000 Litres.

Using our machines, you can produce and pack a wide range of liquid soaps & detergent:

Body Wash

Hand Wash

Face Wash

Shampoos & Conditioners

Fabric Detergent & Softeners

Dish Wash

Surface Cleaners

Glass Cleaners