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Flowpack Machines

A flowpack machine, also known as a horizontal form-fill-seal machine or a flow wrapper, is a type of packaging machinery used to package various products in a continuous flow using flexible packaging materials such as plastic films or laminates.

The machine forms a pouch or bag from a flat roll of packaging material, fills the product into the pouch, and then seals the pouch in a horizontal direction to create a complete package. The sealing process can be done using various techniques such as heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing, or cold sealing, depending on the type of packaging material and product being packaged.

Flowpack machines are used in various industries to package a wide range of products such as food, confectionery, medical devices, hardware, and consumer goods. They are popular because of their ability to provide efficient and high-speed packaging solutions that can handle different product shapes and sizes.

We provide the following types of Flowpack Machines depending upon the Application: