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  • Soap Crutcher is a vertical mixer in which various raw materials like Oil, Fats, Lye, etc. are mixed until the reaction is completed to form crude soap.
  • The vertical screw inside the Crutcher moves the material upwards within the tank ensuring proper mixing and allowing the saponification process.
  • The tank is also equipped with an electrical heating jacket which heats up to 80-90°C accelerating the saponification process.
  • The Crutcher saponification process also known as semi-boiled process has shorter production cycle and reasonable production cost making it a very flexible process and particularly well suited for developing nations.


MOC Stainless Steel 304/ Stainless Steel 316/ Carbon Steel
Agitator Type Screw Type Agitator with Draft inside a Tube
Motor ABB/Siemens/Hindustan/ Equivalent
Capacity 100 Kg to 1000 Kg Per Batch
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