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  • Soap refining is a process which converts mixed soap noodles into formulated soap noodles that consists of Color, Fragrance, and other additives.
  • The constant homogenization and filtering of the raw soap is done using our Simplex Refiner Plodder.
  • Our Simplex Refiner Plodder consists of a well-designed and tested Screw & Barrel which moves the material very efficiently towards the purging side.
  • The mesh screen at the end provides further refining capabilities and also helps break aged soap noodles for optimal feeding to the further process stages.
  • All contact parts in touch with soap are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Other materials are also available on request.


Type Single Screw or Twin Screw
Screw M.O.C Stainless Steel 304
Diameter of Screw 100mm to 500mm (Based on Design Parameter)
Cooling System Chilled Water Supply through Barrel
Motor ABB/Siemens/Hindustan/ Equivalent
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