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  • Our Duplex Vacuum Plodder are designed for homogenizing, refining, compressing and extruding the processed soap in form of a continuous soap bar.
  • Our Duplex Vacuum Plodder (Two Stage) consists of Screws placed vertically to each other.
  • The main purpose of the machine is to refine soap by forcing it through a refining screen so as the combined action of pressure and shear generate homogenization and the right plasticity of the mass for optimal extrusion.
  • The vacuum chamber ensures the optimal moisture content in the soap.
  • The optimized L/D ratio of screws guarantees the most efficient operation for extruding quality soap bars for a clean stamping and finishing.
  • All contact parts in touch with soap are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Other materials are also available on request.


Number of Screw Single Screw/ Twin Screw
Diameter of the Screw 100mm to 500mm (Based on Design Parameter)
Cooling System Chilled Water Supply through Barrel
Screw M.O.C Stainless Steel 304
Vacuum Chamber  Yes, provided using Vacuum Pump
Motor ABB/Siemens/Hindustan/ Equivalent
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